e-monster fat bike

Ride easy and in Style with a cool electric fat bike! On trails, roads, snow and sand!

15 CHF Swiss francs for the 1st hour + 5 CHF Swiss francs each subsequent hour

Easy to ride, works well on trails and normal road
We have 1 e-monster adapted to connect the kids trailer which can handle up to 2 small children together not weighing more than 30kg.

Suggested route if you are new to Sonogno:
Leave town and head for Cabioi, have a look around the little hamlet. There are several interesting areas and a picnic area.
Come back and pass through the town of Sonogno and head towards the waterfall. Depending on how long you want to keep the bikes, you can either go all the way to the end of the valley Redorta or you can stop and take a short hike up to the famous waterfalls.

Contact us to reserve in advance.